Get the lawyer with countless certifications in OVI law

Akron DUI Lawyer

Linda Malek holds multiple certifications in DUI law and nearly 20 years of experience practicing criminal defense cases. 

About Linda Malek

The DUI Attorney You Need on Your Side

Linda Malek is not just another criminal defense lawyer. She takes every case seriously, as if it were her own. She will fight for you in court until there is no fight left. She lives by this "Being charged does not equal guilty".

One common and extremely costly error being made by individuals charged with OVI is to plead guilty before every other legal resource is exhausted. Akron DUI lawyer Linda Malek has the know-how and experience to use law in our favor to begin protecting your rights.

Akron DUI Lawyer Linda Malek


Who Is the OVI Queen?

Linda Malek, owner and managing member of Malek Law Firm, LLC  in Akron, Ohio, has several OVI/DUI certifications to justify her reputation as being one of the top OVI/DUI lawyers in Summit county. Given her experience in criminal law and the number of clients who have endorsed her skills over the years, you can rest easy knowing that your case is in good hands.

Linda Malek's Certifications are About Protecting Your Rights

As a DUI attorney, Linda Malek's certifications are not required in order to defend someone who has been arrested on an OVI charge, but they are a commitment to her clients that she has the most up-to-date information and training required in order for her to defend her clients' OVI/DUI case in a way that many other attorneys in Ohio cannot.

Linda has spent countless hours over many years training to become the best DUI attorney in the Akron, Ohio area.

Her training in addition to her many years of experience allows her the opportunity to defend her clients in a way that many others are not capable of due to their lack of knowledge in the field of sobriety testing.

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